What is SIAMPEDIA? We create unique content regarding travel issues in Southeast Asia. Here we collect our log-in free travel reports. Lots of implemented visual media components by Hinigugma  accompany each travel report. We have traveled the unbeaten path in Thailand and neighboring Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Malaysia etc.) for you. This has privileged us, to have collected plenty of impressions, which usually remain hidden to the average tourists with their package deals. Do not hesitate to ask and come forward with any questions you may have. The first few travel reports have been kept in their original German language, future ones will be written predominantly in English. Every single one of our previous reports, that did not find sufficient space on our front page any longer, will be repositioned onto our new archive pages, sorted by language (English - Deutsch). The archives will show you always the newest reports on the top and the earlier ones in a descending order. For the foreseeable future, we have planned to structure the reports by issues, themes or countries visited. Have fun reading our reports and don´t hesitate to comment. Each travel report will be tagged by a flag-symbol in the very beginning and will hence display a language-symbol to identify this easily for you.
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Dear Siampedia Friends - Due to recents very negative reports in the press all over the world about the Tiger Temple in Kanchanabury Thailand we did withdraw our 2 reports on this issue because we can and will not support any endangering of wild animals and the trade which comes with this issue - we ask our readers to stay away from this kind of questionable attractions - For SIAMPEDIA TS
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